Roleplay for both the tv series and the book series
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 How to do the Auditions

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Cassie Blake

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PostSubject: How to do the Auditions   Mon Jun 11, 2012 8:48 pm

Auditions for Canon Characters

First you start a new thread with the title being the name of the character you are trying to get. So before I approve your application, I would like to thread with you as either Jake or Cassie or have a mod thread with you to see how you role play. For your character I will choose which one of my characters would best fit the audition.
1. The title should be the name of the character you are auditioning for.

2. It will basically look like you are doing a regular thread.

3. You start it, I will respond or a mod will.

4. Start it out as at least a paragraph, which is 4-5 sentences.

5. No one liners in the audition.

6. Doesn't matter if you write in 1st or 3rd person, write how you normally do or feel most comfortable with.

7. I would like at least 3 posts from each person.[/list]

Below will be an example of what I would like to see. Now if you don't know who will be replying to you, you can describe what your character is doing, where they are going.


I grabbed my purse and keys and quickly headed to the door. I opened the door and walked outside, locking the door behind me. As I got into my car I waved to Jake before pulling out of my stop and headed towards the Boathouse. Within ten minutes I pulled into the parking lot, and parked my car. I got out, locking the door behind me as I walked to the door of the Boathouse. I opened the door and wasn't watching where I was going. Suddenly I bumped into someone. "I'm so sorry." I apologized and walked to an empty table.
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How to do the Auditions
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