Roleplay for both the tv series and the book series
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Jake Armstrong

Jake Armstrong

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PostSubject: Jake Armstrong   Jake Armstrong Icon_minitimeSun Jan 20, 2013 9:23 pm

Just show or both (Mainly for Canon's):


Name: Jake Armstrong

Gender: Male

Age/birthday: October 8, 1992, 19yrs old

Years Active: three years

Parents: Sara and Richard armstrong

Bloodline: Armstrong

Powers mastered: Individual magic

Personality: Jake is sort of stoic and broody seeming to be emotionless but when he cares he cares deeply. Falling for Cassie Blake made Jake a different person but you still see some of his bad boy ways.

Physical Appearance: Tall, blonde and blue eyed. Seems kind of stoic with a bad attitude.

Brief History: Jake was born and raised in Chance Harbor and lost his parents in a boat fire caused by Witch Hunters. He grew up angry and when he found about witchcraft he joined up with witch hunters because he believed that magic is the reason his parents are dead. Jake came back to attend his brother's funeral seeming like it didn't affect him. He wasn't welcomed home with open arms. Adam didn't take to him very well and the Circle was wary of him but Cassie took a liking to him. Seeming to be the only one to understand him they grew close. Being the new member of the Circle since his brother died leaving the place open to him they each began to learn new things about what happened 16yrs ago and the kind of magic they are dealing with. Jake and Cassie grew apart a bit when she started to fall for Adam and she learned of Jakes witch hunter past. He got back with Faye and helped the Circle destroy John Blackwell with them each getting their individual magic back.

Pets or Familiars: none

Book of Shadows: Yes but only Cassie knows.

Other: Jake and his grandpa Royce seem to be the only surviving members of the Armstrong family.
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Cassie Blake
Cassie Blake

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PostSubject: Re: Jake Armstrong   Jake Armstrong Icon_minitimeSun Jan 20, 2013 9:40 pm

ACCEPTED! WELCOME TO CHANCE HARBOR! he still has his Aunt and Uncle but you never see them.
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Jake Armstrong
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