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 Savannah Mortilite (W.I.P)

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PostSubject: Savannah Mortilite (W.I.P)   Savannah Mortilite (W.I.P) Icon_minitimeMon Jun 25, 2012 10:53 pm


Savannah Mortilite (W.I.P) Ashley-Benson-Pretty-Little-Liars-Hanna-Surprise

Name: Savannah Mortilite

Gender: Female

Age/birthday: 17/ August 19, 1993

Years Active: Two days

Parents: Charles and Sara Mortilite

Bloodline: Mortilite

Powers mastered: None

Personality: Savannah is what you can call your typical girl next door. She maybe a girl you want to hang out with all the time. She has the guts to talk to anyone. Some people admirer her, others cant believe she does what she does. But she does have her moments when she feels like violence {to a degree} can help solve a soultion.

The above is her act, This is the really Savannah Mortilite: scarcastic, bitchy, drinking, angry teenage girl who is lost in the world. She has this side of her that she tries to keep hidden from everyone else, but seems to not care when it comes out. Nobody can help her out of it, but herself. She can get herself out only when she knows where her breaking point is. She feels vunerable becase she feels weak to everyone else. She seems to be a damsel in distress when she is not drinking any type of acohol either alone or with someone else.

Physical Appearance: Elizabeth has sea blue eyes. Her hair is lightly brown with blonde highlights. Her bulid is somewhat short. Standing flat-footed she is only 5 foot 4 inches tall. She only wieghts 115lbs. She seems weak, but she can be strong. She has the typical bulid of any teenage girl who is fit and healthly.

Brief History:

Pets or Familiars: n/a

Book of Shadows: (Yes or No) no?

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Savannah Mortilite (W.I.P)
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